Taking Laser Cutting in Toronto to the Next Level

As providers of laser cutting in Toronto for many years, we at Metal Tronics have learned and grown with the process as it underwent technological changes, methodological improvements, and expanded its capabilities and reach into various industries.

Throughout these years, we have come to realize one principle:


Anyone can have a laser cutting machine, but it takes real experts to deliver products and solutions in a professional and satisfactory way.


That being said, having the latest and greatest machines certainly does help. At Metal Tronics, we have had the pleasure of enjoying the widespread applications and functionality of our Mitsubishi laser cutting machine, one of the most efficient machines for laser cutting in Toronto right now. Thanks to this machine, we have consistently been able to process orders more quickly than our competitors and with detailed perfection in mind.

Here are all the benefits we have experienced from having such a machine in our facility:


CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is what makes laser cutters perform automatically. The computer converts your design into numbers which serve as coordinates on a graph. These coordinates control the movement of the laser cutter. As a result, the laser beam can cut your design on the workpiece with ease. The Mitsubishi laser cutting machine features one of the most advanced and detailed CNC programs with a faster graphical interface, and it is incredibly easy for our operators to quality check the designs and cuts.


Laser cutters are known for their unmatched precision. Most machines can whittle down the width of their cuts to less than 0.001 inches, with a ± 0.0005-inch accuracy. The Mitsubishi laser cutter boasts a minimum command unit of 0.0001 inches and a repeatable accuracy of +/-0.00039 inches.


Laser cutting in Toronto would not be as popular as it is today if it weren’t as fast as it is. The Mitsubishi laser cutter takes this one step further, with the capability to reduce processing times by as much as 50%, being able to cover up to 3940 inches per minute on a single axis.

Bigger and Better

With the ability to accommodate a maximum workpiece weight of 2050 lbs, and improved features that speed up the operations of the machine, such as gas change time (60% faster) and faster automatic doors among other things, we at Metal Tronics are able to take laser cutting in Toronto to the next level.

If you require any laser cutting services, our Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter is always ready to do its job. It is capable of working with different materials like aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, and galvanized materials, on sheets as thin as 0.001” or as thick as 0.750”. With over 20 years of experience with laser cutting in Toronto, we are known to always deliver.


See for yourself what our machine can do: