The 3 Basic Tenets of Custom Metal Fabrication In Toronto

If you require something specific shaped from metal, then metal fabrication is the way to go. However, metal fabrication encompasses a wide variety of processes such as milling, shearing, laser cutting and more. While these processes work well for most metal parts, there are several instances where a client may need something customized according to their designs. In such cases, custom metal fabrication services in Toronto are the best option. Before going for such services, it is crucial to know the fundamental aspects of the process to make a more informed choice. 


Here are the three important tenets of custom metal fabrication in Toronto


Types of Metals Used

In terms of the metals being used, most manufacturers use a combination of copper, aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. There are many applications that demand a specific metal, depending on the particular project design and requirements. Due to this reason, custom metal fabrication service providers in Toronto need to be well-versed in metallurgy as the knowledge of selecting the right metals for the right job is crucial. 

Forms of Metals

When it comes to metal fabrication, the raw material, that is the metal, comes in two major forms which are sheet metal and structural metal. Sheet metal is also called plate metal because it comes in plates, spanning at least 3/16 inches in thickness or more. On the other hand, structural metal already comes in common shapes that are defined by its specific cross-section. These include channels, angles, beams, and hollow structures. A pipe and I-beams are the perfect examples of structural metals. 

The Process

When it comes to the primary processes used during custom metal fabrication, there are three major steps involved. The first is cutting the metal to its intended size and shape, followed by forming it through bending or other specific processes, and finally assembling or joining the parts together to create the final product. Each of these processes is composed of more sub-processes, depending on the client’s particular requirements. For the finest custom metal fabrication services in Toronto, reach out to Metal-Tronics, the experts in metal fabrication services. 

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