The Artistic Side of Laser Cutting

When one thinks of laser cutting services in Toronto, chances are one is probably thinking about industrial and commercial applications. However, laser cutting is very much an art, which is reflected by the fact that laser cutting services are often used to create artwork or decorative pieces.

The intricacy that the precision of laser cutting offers allows for the most detailed designs, and for carvings and motifs to be possible that before this, would have been considered extremely time-consuming to produce, and which only the most skilled artisans would have been capable of making.


With laser cutting, you can simply send your design to a laser cutting service and they’ll have the product ready to go in a short amount of time.


Here are some ideas to consider for laser-cut decorative pieces:

1. Clocks

Clocks offer a unique opportunity to exploit the capabilities of laser cutting due to the freedom to layer visuals. Laser cutting is capable of cutting any shape and design, but geometric designs in particular benefit from the clean, sharp lines produced by the laser. Layering geometric designs on a clock face will produce a psychedelic, modernist, and sleek design that’s sure to make your clock stand out as a statement piece.

2. Frames

Paintings and their frames often work together – specifically, frames are meant to complement and enhance the aesthetic of the paintings they encase. Laser cutting effectively takes art to the next level, with the frame itself becoming part of the art. The most minute detail can be achieved, especially with Metal Tronics’ technologically superior laser cutting services. What’s more, your frames will stand out from the rest as perfectly unique and custom pieces of artwork.

3. Jewelry

This is arguably the most popular manifestation of laser cutting in art and decoration. Laser cut pendants for necklaces or earrings have been becoming increasingly popular, utilizing all kinds of materials including wood, plastic, and metals. Nothing shows off the powers of laser cutting better than intricate detail on the smallest pieces of jewelry.

Indeed, there are many reasons to be looking for laser cutting services in Toronto, whether because you need signage for your business, or custom parts for industrial machines, or just because you want a new decorative piece for your home. You can be assured that at Metal Tronics, we fully appreciate the versatility of this art and implement its wide applications in our laser cutting services in Toronto. Check out our website for more information on our capabilities!