The Basics of Laser Cutting Technology

The metal fabrication industry has evolved dramatically over the last few decades, and one of the most important developments is laser cutting technology. It uses a very high-powered beam of light to cut through material, guided with a very high degree of precision by computer controlled programs. Laser cutting in Toronto is in demanded because it produces high-quality surface finishes and cuts.


With Metal-Tronic’s modern laser cutting in Toronto, you can count on precise results regardless of scale, done quickly, within budget and with no material waste.


Fabricators use two different systems for laser cutting. Gantry laser cutting has the laser placed at a perpendicular angle to the work-piece and the beam is directed over it. This system is usually used to produce prototypes because it cuts slower than the other system, the galvanometer. This method uses mirrored angles in repositioning the beam and cuts much faster - up to 100 feet per minute - making it ideal for high volume production.  


Advanced machinery makes every step of laser cutting much easier than conventional machining methods like grinding, milling, lathing or spinning, while achieving much better results in terms of precision, quality cuts, speed and material waste. CNC operated systems allow operators to simply input designs, producing much faster and more efficient results by automatically correcting any errors in imported drawings and carrying out every cut with accuracy.


CNC enabled technology has revolutionized the fabrication and assembly industry, and has become a central part of Canada’s metal and construction industries. It is ideal for a range of applications, from fabricating replaceable parts and tools to small customized prototypes for development. Laser cutting in Toronto can yield clean, impressive results not only in equipment but also on signage, logos and branding for any business.


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