The Diverse Ways of Laser Cutting in Toronto

Great technological innovations have enabled industries to develop sophisticated applications for cutting materials which are not only efficient but very helpful in achieving desired results. Laser cutting in Toronto is a prevalent application used in various industries. It is the best option to achieve precise cuts on almost any material.

Laser cutting in Toronto provides significant services in the fabrication industry. This is due to the high precision and efficiency of the laser beam in cutting even through heavy and thick metal. The process uses only minimal energy in comparison to other cutting methods. Laser beams are generated using electrical discharges which stimulate the material that is being cut. Laser cutting in Toronto also involves the use of CNC lasers to create high quality finish with clean edges and accurate cuts.

This method of cutting can be done using different types of lasers.

The three main types widely used by laser cutting in Toronto services include:

CO2 lasers - This laser beam is created with a mixture of gases (carbon dioxide as the key element) which are electrically stimulated. The lasers are very flexible for use in cutting different materials, from paper to metal.​

Neodymium lasers - This technology uses neodymium doped crystals to generate laser beams which have lower wavelength than CO2 lasers have. Thus, they offer higher operational intensity and are ideal to cut through thick metals.​

Fiber lasers - They are popular in labelling plastic and metal surfaces as fiber lasers provide highly precise results. The process uses fiberglass that amplifies each seed laser several times resulting in high intensity yet much smaller wavelength.

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