The Importance of Performing Proper Maintenance

Laser cutting equipment is capable of reaching a higher quality of precision when it comes to metal fabrication. One factor that can contribute to the quality of the cut is the level of maintenance that fabricators perform on their equipment. When clients search for prospective laser cutting services in Toronto, they want to make certain that their fabricator of choice is capable of meeting their unique project demands. To this end, ensuring proper maintenance is performed on the part of the fabricator is integral to continued quality and precision-based results.


What happens when regular maintenance is not performed?


Without proper maintenance and inspection checks, fabricators run the risk of their laser cutting equipment performing poorly. Lower quality cuts, or imprecise cuts are typically the result of a poorly functioning machine. Fabricators that take the time to conduct regular inspections and perform regular maintenance will ensure that their laser cutting equipment will run effectively each time. This way, fabricators can continue to provide reliable laser cutting services in Toronto for their clients.


What are a few things fabricators should look out for when conducting visual inspections?


There are three core things to keep an eye out for when conducting regular visual maintenance checks. 


Checking Laser Optics


Once you’ve conducted maintenance on your laser’s optics, you should check to see that the settings are placed back to original equipment manufacturer specifications. When optics are out-of-spec, it can affect laser quality, performance, and operational life. 


Checking Temperature


Regularly checking the temperature gauge of your laser cutting equipment will allow you to assess if there are other issues at play. Extreme variations in temperature could indicate issues to internal components, such as resonator damage. 


Checking Cleanliness 


Maintaining your equipment includes keeping it clean. Though a seemingly obvious maintenance step to take, it can sometimes be overlooked. Allowing the surroundings and parts of your laser cutting equipment to build up with debris will eventually negatively affect machine performance. 


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