The Major Trends in Modern Laser Cutting

Every year, high-powered laser cutting machines get upgrades. With the advent of fibre lasers, improving efficiency has become the top priority among laser cutting service providers. For most manufacturers, production time has been cut in half with the new improvements. With a rise in improved innovations, it is important to know what trends are driving this acceleration in laser technology.


Here are the 2 major trends followed by the majority of laser cutting services.


More Powerful Nozzles

 A single nozzle laser cutter is equipped with reliable slicing methods and limited tapering, yet it is still considered orthodox in the field. Thus, in the fast-paced manufacturing sector where the demands keep increasing, its slow speed and rampant gas consumption are highly disadvantageous. To mitigate this, double nozzles were brought into the picture, providing you with double the speed while reducing gas consumption to a large extent. But to adequately use multiple nozzles, the material thickness and texture need to be taken into consideration. Thus, if you are looking for laser cutting services on materials that are dense, then double nozzles are the best option for you. But material specifications aside, efficiency and system performance are improved drastically using double nozzles. 


Improved productivity

Another observable trend in the laser cutting field is improved productivity. Many companies that provide laser cutting services know the general materials that can be machined are wood, ceramics, polymers, metals, and alloys. However, they are now going one step further to improve their performance as a whole. The new-age laser machinery has versatile capabilities that can perform cutting, drilling, marking, and welding with a single setup. Moreover, many fabricators also offer specialized engraving services for projects requiring a high degree of customization. Thus, the enhanced capability of working with different types of materials and executing multiple tasks with one machine ensures that this technology has a very bright future ahead. 


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