The Mi-Key and Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, siblings Kristen and Steven Popik noticed others using latex gloves, in order to avoid touching public surfaces. This poses different problems, one being that many are dropped on the ground when they are no longer needed. Kristen and Steven recognized the negative impact on the environment that was taking shape, and with their care for pets at home and animals in nature, they knew that wildlife was also being affected.


Read below to find out how the idea for the Mi-Key was formed:


Kristen and Steven decided to create a list of every possible high-touch surface in public, and they discussed potential ideas on how to avoid touching these surfaces. They discovered that a type of tool was going to be the best solution, an item that could press buttons and latch onto handles was their vision. As the owner of Metal Tronics (where custom metal fabrication in Toronto is a specialty), Kristen and Steven’s father received a presentation of the idea, created with the goal of ultimately working with designers to form a concept design.

Next Steps

Once approval was gained, Metal Tronics created prototypes for Kristen and Steven, which were used for product testing. From there, a few tweaks were made surrounding the ergonomics and overall size, and a second round of prototype manufacturing began. When the new versions were tested, Kristen and Steven approved the final concept and custom metal fabrication in Toronto was increased to enter the Mi-Key into production!

This is the first time Kristen and Steven have launched a small business, and their familiarity with owning one and thriving in the world of marketing continues to grow. All in all, they are two college students with an idea that helps the environment and keeps people safe during a pandemic, and after learning about the Mi-Key concept, Metal Tronics was able to make their vision a reality.

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