The Process of Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

At Metal Tronics Inc., we specialize in custom metal fabrication in Toronto. With decades of experience and an ever-improving capability, we continuously grow and evolve as the industry itself grows fast. With state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced design team with excellent fabrication skills, we cover an extensive line of capabilities to satisfy our customers.


At Metal Tronics Inc., our custom metal fabrication service in Toronto involves a process that ensures your satisfaction with the final product.


Designing and Consulting

From the design and consultation phase, our team can help you establish a proper approach to achieve your goals and cover your needs. We continuously provide you with details and an ideal approach to make several changes if required to improve the overall design. Our eagerness and determination to output the best possible product is a benefit that our customers continue to appreciate.


Fabrication and Finishing

During this phase, our staff will continue to walk you through each stage of the fabrication process. This further gives you the benefit of being updated and informed on the work that we do. Our highly modernized facility with top-of-the-line equipment makes the job efficient and easy to achieve. On the finishing stage, we are fully equipped to provide packaging and logistics to make sure the product delivery is time efficient.


Fabrication Ideas and Concepts

With an ever growing steel industry, trends in design and aesthetics have followed its path. The shift away from trends that lean towards plastics to a more modern and simplistic approach has opened up more fabrication ideas and possibilities. Below are a few samples of what our facility can do when it comes to custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


  • Aesthetics – From modern steel ornamental projects to simplistic, industrial-inspired aesthetics, our fabrication shop can cater to a lot of design and custom metal fabrication in Toronto and the Greater Area
  • Enclosures – From durable steel or metal enclosures for tools and storage to platforms and mobile trays for different types of industries, we are capable in designing and doing custom fabrication work for several applications


So, when it comes to custom metal fabrication in Toronto, we at Metal Tronics Inc. have the skills, the equipment, and the dedication to provide you with the best. Regardless of the size – big or small – we are committed to give you high-quality fabrications that meet your expectations.