The Quality Service That Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto Offers

Metal fabrication refers to different methods and processes to cut and shape metals to form a final product. While stock metal parts are readily available in various dimensions and metal alloys, custom metal fabrication in Toronto provides both production and design assistance for built-to-order metal components.


When you’re in need of custom metal fabrication in Toronto, trust us at Metal Tronics to do the job right.


This customized service is helpful in all areas of product development, whether you need an overall run of your parts or just support on a certain part assembly. You can greatly benefit from the various types of this service which includes the following:


  • Custom Design: This involves conceptualizing and creating as well as analyzing the exact characteristics of the parts or products.
  • Custom Build: This refers to the actual fabrication and manufacturing of the part or product.
  • Post-Fabrication: This service includes further finishing to improve product quality and assembly.


Fabricating a unique product requires good design and planning to ensure that the product is made free of structural weakness, improper dimension specifications, and other potential problems. This is why custom metal fabrication in Toronto requires sufficient preparation to achieve the best results.


The most common program used by manufacturers of custom metal products is computer-aided design, or CAD. Designs inputted to CAD helps in early identification of any possible weaknesses in the design before it is run through CNC machines.


Custom metal fabrication in Toronto can also assist in tooling design where fabricators help in designing specialized production tools. In case your metal products need secondary finishing, they can also take care of it together with the assembly required to form the final product.


You can choose among the wide variety of metal types for the customization of your metal parts. These include a wide variety of steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel – to name a few.


Choosing a trusted specialist in custom metal fabrication in Toronto like Metal Tronics is one of the most important decisions to make which can directly affect production quality, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturing rate of your product.