The Variety of Choice in Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto

Since 1983, we at Metal Tronics have been providing excellent metal-fabricated products to an ever-growing list of satisfied clients. With years of experience when it comes to steel and metal fabrication, we have honed our skills to produce quality products. With a facility that is fully equipped with the latest machinery and tools, our team of fabricators is able to fully showcase their ability when it comes to custom metal fabrication in Toronto and its Greater Area.


With our advanced capabilities and commitment to quality, we take great pride in providing quality custom metal fabrication in Toronto.


With our extensive experience regarding steel and metal fabrication, our highly talented staff covers a wide array of tasks with great ease. Here’s a list of some of the various services that we offer:


  • Design
  • Milling and tapping
  • Drilling and engraving of aluminum
  • Extrusions and different plastics


When it comes to custom metal fabrication in Toronto, the possibilities are nearly endless, with applications that can range from any industry from the food industry to the automotive. The ability to cut, bend, and shape metal using top-of-the-line technology and the industry’s best practices makes us a favourite amongst clients across the province. Below are a few of the many fabrications that we have performed:


  • Food Cart/Tray – Whether you work in a hotel, restaurant, or banquet hall, our fabrication capabilities can provide the necessary carts and trays for better organization, storage, and efficiency within the workplace.
  • Grills and BBQ – With the benefit of laser cutting and precision assembly, we are able to custom make or design grills or barbecue trays that are specific to our customers’ needs. These vary in size – from personal home use or a full scale restaurant grill.
  • Trollies – Be it an industrial-grade trolley for moving items within a warehouse, or a food trolley to store and deliver food to customers, our custom metal fabrication in Toronto is fully capable of manufacturing high quality trollies for your specific application.