Top 3 Laser Cutting Technologies

Are you looking for the best laser cutting services around Toronto? Then you need to know about some important technical advantages of laser cutting before partnering up with any company. One of the most crucial things to know about laser cutting is that there are various types of technologies that are operational in the market today. It’s vital to learn the basics about them before making an informed choice.

Hence, here are the top 3 major laser cutting options to consider:

CO2 Lasers

As the name implies, CO2 laser primarily uses carbon dioxide along with nitrogen and helium. This gas mixture is then subjected to an electric discharge in a glass tube with two mirrors attached to both ends. The resultant laser is then focused to make it powerful enough to cut the required materials. What makes this type of laser cutting particularly advantageous is its ability to cut thicker materials at a quicker rate than other lasers using the same power. Laser cutting services that use CO2 lasers, such as the powerful Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter employed by Metal-Tronics, produce a smoother surface finish when working with thicker materials. This is also one of the most traditional laser technologies with a three-axis system.

Fibre Lasers

Compared with the traditional CO2 lasers, fibre lasers do not involve any moving parts or mirrors to generate a powerful beam of light. This is what makes this laser technology very beneficial when it comes to eliminating maintenance requirements that are needed to address reflection problems. Instead, fibre lasers are produced through a series of laser diodes wherein the laser beam is generated through an optical fibre where it is amplified. Fibre laser cutters are more efficient than CO2 lasers in cutting thin materials. The biggest advantage of this technology is its ability to cut reflective materials like aluminum without worrying about the potential damage of reflections.

Direct Diode Lasers

This type of laser cutting is by far the most recent development in the world of lasers, in which several laser beams are emitted at various wavelengths and are superimposed on each other. A special feature of Direct Diode Laser is that it does not require a brightness-enhancing stage like fibre laser, making it more wall-plug efficient and incurring lower optical losses. It is now available commercially and was found to be successful in cutting sheet metals.

Hence, depending on the nature of your material and its sensitivity, you can opt for any one of these 3 technologies, and thus, can choose a service provider who is proficient in handling such lasers.

We at Metal-Tronics are known for offering top-notch metal fabrication and laser cutting services in Toronto for more than three decades. If you have any queries regarding our facility, want to place an order, or simply want to know about our range of services, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!