Types of Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting is among the best high precision cutting systems in the world. Laser cuts are best suited for use in the crafting of superior products from a variety of materials including metals, acrylic, plastics and wood. Thanks to the highly precise cutouts resulting from the laser cuts, it allows for effective entrenchment of deep, shallow and moderate cuts on diverse materials. Today, there are three types of laser cutting services in Toronto you need to know about before shopping for a service provider for your next project.

Types of Laser Cutting Services

CO2 Laser Cutting. Carbon laser cutting involves the use of carbon beams in tracing cuts through “light” materials such as wood, paper, leather and glass among others. The specialty laser beam is generated from a mixture of gases, where carbon dioxide is a critical ingredient. By simulating the mixture through a beam of electrically charged surfaces, a cutting beam is generated. With the beam being highly charged, some charges are lost to the surrounding air, making the laser weaker than all the other types of laser cutting services. Professional undertakings involving carbon laser often yield fine finishes on edges that are smooth and devoid of unwanted extensions.

Neodymium Laser Cutting. When blasted electronically, neodymium covered crystals give rise to strong laser beams that - when directed on a surface - lead to cuts being created. Since the blasting can barely be regulated on the number of collisions on the particles, the resultant beam has lower wavelength than the carbon lasers. With the low wavelength, the operational intensity of the neodymium laser beams is often higher and can be used in cutting through thick wood, plastics and metal. For the best results, be sure to work only with certified laser cutting services in Toronto specialists.

Fiber Laser Cutting. The use of fiber optics in magnifying the effect of laser beams is primary in this cutting method. The result of the process leads to the creation a high intensity laser beam that has a smaller wavelength and high penetration power. It is best suited for cutting thick metals.

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