Types of Ornamental Post-production Finishing on Custom Parts

Custom production of various components is a great milestone in distinguishing your craft from competitors. Ornamental finishing further enhances the feel and attractiveness of your machined parts. It also adds an extra dimension relating to the true value for your parts, leading to higher incomes. Common types of ornamental finishing styles you can adopt for your custom metal fabrication Toronto projects include:

Powder coating

Powder coated parts are more attractive than conventionally painted or plated ones. A layer of caked-on power is a great additive to distinctively adding the post-production life to your machined parts. When finely done, power coating yields rust-free coating that delineates the need for regular oiling or painting as a guard for rust. By using the right powder and coating techniques, your custom metal fabrication Toronto components will always stand out.

Laser marking

An additional way of distinguishing your machined parts involves the use of laser technologies to leave surface impressions on the machined components. Common techniques here involve the use of laser stylus pens to sign on the machined parts, QC codes, part and component serialization and manufacturer’s logo impregnation among others. All these involve the use of advanced techniques in bringing the distinctive mark of value in every part from those of competitors.

Edge smelting

When continuously exposed on a metallic surface, laser beams melt the contact area leading to rapid melting. When the beam is exposed to the edges of the machined parts, it yields a process called edge smelting, which can be used as a distinctive mark for your machined parts.

At the heart of every excellently crafted custom part is an experienced fabricator. Metal Tronics is one such fabrication facilities with a knack for details and a commitment to delivering a variety of modern ornamental finishing solutions in every machined part. As a custom metal fabrication Toronto facility, we operate within the highest level of ethic and standard, all aimed at giving you excellent results.