Variety and Precision: Laser Cutting in Toronto

Today, the most accurate and effective way to precisely cut any type of material is laser cutting. This technology is widely used for industrial and manufacturing applications, allowing companies to expedite their production operations by efficiently cutting materials to exact specifications and requirements in a reasonably quick phase. Laser cutting in Toronto enables Toronto businesses to maintain steady production lines and high-quality products.


What is Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting is a technology that utilizes a laser to cut through material with variable power and high precision. By controlling the power and direction of the laser, skilled technicians can craft meticulous and detailed designs into powerful surfaces without causing undue damage.


The Most Common Applications for Laser Cutting in Toronto


Laser cutting is commonly used by manufacturing companies to maintain a sustainable and efficient production line. Despite associations that many make with the process, laser cutting in Toronto is not an order that is limited to metals; a laser with a wide power range can cut through non-metallic materials with the same efficiency as with metal material.


  • Non-Metal Materials (Thin) – This cutting technology is suitable for thin non-metallic materials such as polycarbonate, plastics, Mylar stencils, papers, and fabrics. It can also cut through thin acrylics, as well as wooden products less than an inch thick using a 150-watt average power beam.
  • Non-Metal Materials (Thick) - With a laser that has an output of 250-500 watts, the process will cut through materials such as one-inch thick wood or plastic products of similar thickness.
  • Metals - To cut metals, a higher laser output is required. The power of the laser required to cut cleanly through metals depends largely on the type of metal and its thickness, and can range from several hundred watts of power to several thousands.


When searching for laser cutting out of Toronto, you’ll definitely want to find a well-equipped facility, with technology that can manage cuts through a wide variety of materials, regardless of their thickness. For such work, you need look no further than Metal-Tronics Inc., where one of our machines is capable of making cuts one thousandth of an inch thick – so you know that we are up to the task, whatever your project may be! Give us a call today to learn more about our services.