Various Laser Cutting Techniques

Whenever a laser cutting has to start anywhere other than the edge of the metal being cut, a piercing process is often utilized. In other instances, a high-power pulsed laser is what creates a hole in the material for several seconds. Typically, laser cutting services in Toronto are done through three primary techniques namely, CO2 laser, neodymium, and neodymium yttrium-aluminum-garnet. Though the last two techniques are very similar, the Nd:YAG type is commonly used for high-powered boring and engraving applications.


All these types of lasers can be utilized for welding.


In the case of CO2 laser cutting, it involves the use of a newer technique known as RF-excited or radio-frequency energy. This laser cutting method is equipped with external electrodes and is thus capable of preventing the problems associated with electrode erosion and plating. In addition, gas flow is another contributing factor that can impact the cutting performance of the CO2 laser cutter. The most common variations of CO2 lasers are slow axial flow, transverse flow, fast axial flow, and slab. Each of them uses different gases to deliver the required cutting requirements as necessitated by laser cutting services in Toronto.  


Various techniques are also utilized in order to cool the laser generator and external optics. This, of course, depends on the specific laser cutting system and configuration. The most widely used coolant so far is water that is circulated throughout the chiller system. This is because water provides the benefits of eliminating the unwanted debris while cooling the material being cut. Moreover, using water as a coolant during laser cutting services in Toronto also offers the advantages of omnidirectional cutting and great pricing rates. Apart from CO2 lasers, fibre lasers are also becoming more popular, which is perfect for cutting reflective materials due to its smaller spot sizes.


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