Waterjet Or Laser Cutting? Which One To Choose?

Thanks to technological advancements, the metal fabrication industry is constantly on the rise. It is a process that uses state-of-the-art methods and tools to produce highly precise outcomes. Of the many cutting-edge technologies and tools, Metal Tronics, a reputed laser cutting service provider in Toronto will be highlighting the key differences between waterjet and laser cutting in this blog post. 


Pros of waterjet and laser cutting in metal fabrication


Pros of waterjet

No heat produced: 
Water jet cutting is a cold process. This ensures zero material distortion and is ideal for creating parts that demand tight tolerances. No heat during the operation also means the machinists can transfer the materials directly to welding or other processes without having to wait for them to cool down.

Works well on many materials: 
Waterjet can be used on diverse materials. Waterjet is the best option when it comes to sensitive or brittle workpieces like glass, ceramics, stone, wood and plastic.

Pros of laser cutting

Minimal waste: 
Opting for a laser-cutting service will ensure minimal wastage of workpieces. It is a highly precise procedure that provides the desired end products while also resulting in little to no material wastage compared to waterjet. 

Speed, flexibility and consistency: 
Laser cutting can finish cutting jobs at an incredible speed. Hence, it is ideal for meeting tight deadlines. Its efficiency can be further extended to its flexibility. Laser cutting can be used to fulfill multiple jobs using the same tools. It also provides the best consistency out of all the techniques.

Based on the aforementioned features, one can decide between a waterjet and laser cutting service. At Metal Tronics, we provide unmatchable customer service and highly regarded laser-cutting service in Toronto. A renowned brand in custom metal fabrication in Toronto, speak to us today to learn more about our services.