What do you think of custom metal fabrication in Toronto

What do you think of every time you hear of the term metal fabrication? For most people, the picture of a welder or a metal worker comes into mind. While this is a metal fabrication item, it is certainly not the only process, as a lot more is involved. Metal fabrication involves the full process of cutting bending and assembling metal parts to form a product or structure. So, the processes used for cutting metals into desired sizes, shaping them to a certain look and finishing to get the polished output are all part of metal fabrication. So, what does custom metal fabrication in Toronto involve? How is it different from standard fabrication?

Custom metal fabrication in Toronto is all about getting a customer’s input into the design of the product. When a customer needs products that effectively meet their needs, they want something that is more oriented to their purpose rather than the standard designs. With custom fabrication, it is possible to tailor every aspect of fabricated products in such a way that it’s tuned to that need.

Metal Tronics offers a well-structured process of custom metal fabrication in Toronto. Our basic philosophy is that you are either adding meal, bending it to form a certain shoe, or taking away metals. However, it is not an easy task because it often involves adding changing shapes and doing modifications in order to achieve a perfect finish. Some fabrication processes include:

  • Shearing – when a sheet of metal is large enough to make many parts, it needs to be cut to small parts that are easy to work with. This is what shearing is all about.
  • Seaming – Seaming is joining two or more metals or forming a closed feature out of a single metal peace.
  • Stumping – This process involves stretching metal sheets to form a three dimensional object