What Is Custom Metal Fabrication in Toronto All About?

Most people don’t understand what custom metal fabrication in Toronto is all about, despite the fact that it is a booming industry in our city. In a nutshell, it is the production of metal structures through a combination of techniques common to the industry: cutting, bending and assembly. Each step in custom metal fabrication adds value to the item in question.

Processes involved in metal fabrication:

  • Cutting. Custom metal fabrication starts at this point, with sawing and shearing applied to the work piece. Handheld torches and laser cutting are often utilized to aid in the process. This is the most involving part in metal fabrication and requires skilled employees and a knowledgeable supervisor to ensure that it is done as per specifications.
  • Bending. Specialized bending machinery, as well as manual and powered hammers are typically utilized to achieve bending. With advances in technology, other methods like the use of press brakes have been invented by fabricators to air bend the metal sheets as needed.
  • Assembling. The pieces obtained in the above processes are then fixed together by use of adhesives, welding, threaded fasteners and riveting. The assembly of custom metal fabricated parts used to require a lot of labor, however with the assistance of modern tools and technology this final step can be done quickly and efficiently.

Custom metal fabrication cannot be termed as complete without the following people who carry out the processes indicated above: iron workers, blacksmiths, millwrights, welders and boilermakers. It requires a collective of skilled and dedicated professionals.

Because custom metal fabrication in Toronto requires so many key players, one may be worried about how to get in touch with all of them. Luckily, all of these services and much more can be tended to under one roof. Metal-Tronics are a one-stop shop offering custom metal fabrication in Toronto and the GTA, with years of experience in the field.