What’s unique about custom metal fabrication in Toronto?

Custom metal fabrication in Toronto is all about manufacturing something to your exact specifications. When standard designs do not meet your needs the way you would want, you use custom fabrication to create a product that reflects what you want in terms of decoration, steel construction beams or anything that you like.

Custom metal fabrication in Toronto employs a vast array of industrial equipment to cut, roll, dent and join metal into complex assemblies and shapes. Toronto is a busy city and so development is ongoing constantly. You, most likely, have used materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium and carbon steel. These are very common in light industrial applications. However, there are applications that call for the use of specialty metals depending on the level of strength one intends to achieve.

Metal basically comes in two primary forms: structural metal and sheet metal. Structural metal is already formed into a particular shape, which in most cases is defined by its cross section. The common shapes include angles, beams and hollow structures. A pipe lies in this category because it comes in a circular cross section. Sheet metal, on the other hand, comes in rolls or rectangular sheets of various thicknesses and sizes.

People do custom metal fabrication in Toronto to achieve three basic functions: cutting the metal into the desired size and shape, forming it by manipulating, or bending it in certain ways, and to join assemble elements together. All these primary processes can be broken down into several methods which use different equipment depending on what you want to achieve. Doing the work in Toronto creates a local advantage for Canadian business to utilize, leveraging the distance to reduce logistical cost and increase revenue.

Metal cutting in custom metal fabrication in Toronto uses specialized shears, sows and lasers to manipulate the material into the required form. Punching is closely related to cutting; it is used to create openings and holes on the metal piece. Metal Tronics is a leading industrial giant specializing in custom metal fabrication processes for both industrial and commercial projects.