What Should I Know about Laser Cutting in Toronto?

For a number of metal fabrication projects, laser cutting is an available option with advanced characteristics. When it comes to this type of work, it can be the best process to create accurate and precise cuts. Fabricators commonly use laser cutters in the case of intricate designs being required for a product. The method involves a high-powered and extremely focused laser. Directing the laser beam at the material, the machine will pierce a hole in it, and after cutting begins, it leaves a clean line with a smooth finish. Laser cutting in Toronto can use a beam with a pulse pattern or continuous wave to pierce through metals with notable precision, depending on what the particular client is looking for.


A specialty of Metal Tronics Inc. is laser cutting in Toronto, and our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of your business with the service we provide.


As highly versatile machines, laser cutters are able to cut through several materials, including ceramics and plastics. They are well-suited for fabricating steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, brass, and copper.

What cut quality can I expect?

Since cutting is performed with a laser, some might be concerned about the heat-activated zone and overall quality of the cuts being made. When this machine is in action, the heat-activated zone has a minimal presence, and the narrow beam can deliver highly precise results. With the help of computer programming, final outcomes display strong accuracy as well. Throughout the procedure, the cuts are also smoothed by the beam, ensuring that top-quality work is produced.

This process is a reliable way to achieve intricate patterns on many different items. Browse our website and contact us today for more information on laser cutting in Toronto, and how Metal Tronics Inc. can support your business with the solutions we offer.