Why Hiring a Laser Cutting Service is Better Than Buying a Laser Cutting Machine

Renting versus buying has always been a hot topic of discussion since time immemorial. This debate is highly relevant when it comes to laser cutting.

Less wastage and greater precision have made laser cutting a preferred method for metal cutting over conventional cutting techniques. However, many manufacturers and industry experts seem to be in a dilemma when deciding between buying laser cutting machines or hiring laser cutting services in Toronto. While it might seem sensible to purchase a laser cutting machine and setting up your cutting process, it might turn out to be expensive compared to outsourcing your laser cutting needs to professionals. 


Here are three reasons why you should hire a laser cutting service instead of buying a laser cutting machine: 


  1. Save money on process setup:  When you buy a laser cutting machine, you also have to spend some amount on getting the proper setup in terms of space for the machine, raw materials, and other resources. Moreover, laser cutting machines are expensive and depending on your needs, you might need to purchase more than one type of machine. By hiring a laser cutting service, you save a lot of money on investment costs.  
  2.  Save time and money on hiring/training operators: If you buy a laser cutting machine, you would either need to train your operators or hire skilled labour who are experienced in handling laser cutting machines. While training your operator to work with new technology will take a considerable amount of time, hiring skilled labour to work full-time for you would cost you money. You can save time and money without compromising the quality of work if you hire laser cutting services. 
  3. No additional cost towards electricity and maintenance:  When you buy a laser cutting machine, you have to take miscellaneous expenses into account such as additional electricity cost, maintenance cost, etc. When you hire a laser cutting service, you do not have to worry about the extra consumption of electricity or the regular servicing cost of the machine.  

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