Why Laser Cutting in Toronto is Right for Your Business

The metal fabrication industry has undergone many changes over the dacades, and one of most important developments is laser cutting technology. It uses a high-powered beam of light to cut through any material, guided by computer controlled programs to ensure precision. One of the key reason why laser cutting in Toronto is high in demand is that it produces high-quality results and surface finish which meet the highest standard and require no additional work.


Professional laser cutting in Toronto uses two different systems. At Metal-Tronics, we offer comprehensive cutting services ideal for any project.


Gantry cutting has the laser placed at a perpendicular angle to the work piece and the beam is directed over it. This system is usually used to produce prototypes because it cuts slower than galvanometer cutting. This method uses mirrored angles in repositioning the beam and cuts much faster - up to 100 ft. per minute – which makes it ideal for high volume production.  


The best machines used for professional laser cutting in Toronto utilize both stimulation and amplification methods in converting electrical energy into a beam of light. An electrical arc is used to affect electrons, amplification occurs within the optical resonator, and when a photon is not properly aligned with the resonator the mirror will not redirect the beam light. This is to make sure that a coherent beam is produced by amplifying only properly oriented photons.


Newer tools and CNC systems can produce accurate prototypes, parts, tools and machinery at any scale.  Laser cutting is much faster than conventional machining methods and more efficient by automatically correcting any errors in imported drawing exchange formats and design files. It also eliminates human error and material waste.


Learn more about professional laser cutting in Toronto for any project or application, contact Metal-Tronics today to speak with an expert or to request a quote.