Why Toronto Is Increasing Its Demand For Laser Cutting Services

It is uncommon for relatively new manufacturing processes to cause as big a shift in the landscape as laser cutting has, especially within Canada. Laser cutting in Toronto has established a firm grip around numerous sectors, including metalworking, aerospace, jewellery, and even medical.


Strides in the development of laser cutting services are at the heart of this, providing now unparalleled levels of precision, quality, and reliability.


Here are some of the more prominent areas where laser cutting has established a foundational basis for manufacturing capabilities:


Laser Cutting Metal

If there is an application that should immediately spring to mind when discussing laser cutting, it should be for cutting metal.


Whether it be steel, tungsten, nickel, or otherwise, the range of applicable metals has afforded laser cutting in Toronto to play an invaluable role for an array of industries; you’ll be hard-pressed to find one that isn’t reliant on metals in some capacity.


Not only this, thickness as a parameter doesn’t hinder the quality of cuts and finishes that a laser cutter can impart. This has paid dividends in the uptake of laser cutting services that require metal components, fixtures, or structures, much like those seen in the frame of a car.


Aerospace Industry – Safety, Economy, and Maintenance

There’s no denying the growth of all things aerospace related, the main players of which being related to space exploration, commercial airliners, and military defence.


With increased demand, naturally, comes an increase in demand for scalable and economical solutions. As consumers, we can experience these iterative reductions in spending first-hand, such as with increased seating capacity for commercial flying or with reduced meal quantities.


That’s not where it ends, however. Economical solutions extend to the manufacturing side of things; laser cutting in Toronto, compared to conventional methods, has been an effective measure in reducing both material and time wastage, allowing manufacturers and the industry to reap the cost-cutting rewards while maintaining, and sometimes exceeding, established levels of safety.


Jewellery Industry – Engravings and Markings

A more commercial slant for laser cutting in Toronto can be seen in its abundant usage for services surrounding laser engraving and laser marking.


The jewellery industry is a prime example of this – conventional methodologies for marking and engraving are being left behind in favour of the consistent quality, and cost-effective solutions provided by laser cutting.


Laser cutting has claimed a strong foothold in the jewellery market thanks in large part to its tenacity for delivering precision cuts on materials as small as 0.001” (much like our Mitsubishi CO2 laser cutter), perfect for the diminutive nature of jewellery.


We’ve had the privilege to work alongside clients in these sectors, and more, for over 30 years at Metal Tronics.


Headed out of Ontario, we’re here to take your projects on board, no matter how simple or complex, and turn them into reality. This is only made possible from our continual investment into the best laser cutting technologies available on the market.


So, if you find yourself in need of laser cutting in Toronto, then get in touch and see how Metal Tronics can contribute to keeping you on the cutting-edge.