Your Basic Guide to Laser Cutting

Laser cutters are precision-based machines that have revolutionized the scope of machine processing capabilities. Laser cutting can be described as the thermal detachment method whereby a workpiece (which can be composed of differing materials i.e. metal, wood, plastic) is cut through efficiently and precisely, without the need for reworking. Laser cutting services in Toronto vary in machining capability, but all use similar methods to achieve desired project results.


In today’s blog we’ll delve into the basics of laser cutting, and where to find quality laser cutting services in Toronto.


The Ideation Process


Many of the objects we rely on every day feature laser cut components in their product design. Needless to say, when it comes to laser cutting a workpiece you need to start with an idea. Your idea will serve as a starting point for you to plan out your design. 

Many laser cutting machines will use a special computer numerical control (CNC) program which you can use to upload and map out your project specifications. The program will allow the laser cutter to read your project specifications and make the cuts as desired. 


Laser Cutting Machine Operations


Once your project is uploaded to the laser cutting machine, the physical laser cutting process can begin. Laser cutters use a highly focused beam of light to slice through the workpiece material to achieve the desired cuts. Laser optics or CNC control is responsible for directing the laser head and focusing it on specific points of the workpiece. Once the cutting process is complete, smooth, high-quality edge results.


In Search of Laser Cutting Services in Toronto?


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