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Metal Tronics Inc. is a versatile custom fabricator in Toronto who specializes in the manufacturing of plastic and metal products. Metal Tronics Inc. has served as a "one-stop shop" to a variety of industries for over a quarter century, providing services such as precision sheet metal fabrication.

We specialize in custom fabrication, precision sheet metal fabrication, including design, milling, tapping, drilling and engraving of aluminum, extrusions and different plastics; making us a leader for custom metal fabrication in Toronto.

Due to the long duration in the business, Metal Tronics Inc. has accumulated a wide range collection of exclusive high-tech equipment, our latest being a laser machine. Metal Tronics Inc. is the forefront of the industry in manufacturing capabilities for custom metal fabrication in Toronto.

We accommodate any needs that a prospective client may have involving custom and precision sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, or any other projects.

Over the years, we are proud to serve a large variety of business sectors such as electronic equipment, retail display, medical field, transportation industry, and many more.

Please contact us with your inquiries, and let us be your solution.